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The web portal by GalenaTech LLC® is a highly customized state-of-the art tool offering functional and analytical features to suit the needs of restaurants. Growing number of restaurants are relying on this robust tool to streamline their operations resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

The Web Portal Offers

robust functional and analytical features
providing unparalled insights into your business

Sale Entry

Enter and manage daily sale and waste, print bank deposit slips, and more.

Time Entry

Manage in & out time, breaks, time logs, time entry reports.


Payroll submission, Payroll automated approval process, Payroll reports.

Free Updates

Free updates as part of the application maintenance.

Timely Customer Support

Timely and friendly customer support ensuring smooth operation.

Custom Plugins

Customization of the tool to suit our clients' specific needs.


Grow your business

The Web Portal gives you invaluable insights into your business providing you the edge you need to grow your business.


Proprietary Reporting

The proprietary reporting engine offers robust business intelligence. Two distinct reporting worklets offer separate sets of reports for Corporate Administrators and Restaurant Managers. The tool’s security module offers a comprehensive Access Control Mechanism allowing access to various functionalities based on roles and locations.


Simple and Intuitive Interface

The Web Portal offers a remarkably simple and intuitive interface requiring no special training.


Make informed operational and business decisions

The Web Portal allows users to perform Assessments and Audits, manage Resources, Schedules and Time Sheets, and gain valuable insight into operations allowing the management to make informed operational and business decisions.

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Provide our clients a state-of-the-art tool giving them the edge they need to be more productive and profitable.

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